An Early Look at Pg. 1 of “A Torchlight Lullaby”

Hey folks, guess who’s got two thumbs and totally isn’t dead! That would be me. As many of you know I’ve stepped away from STA for a bit while I pursue a dream graphic novel project. I have never done a traditional (not a comic strip) comic before and learning how to work this way has been an incredible blast. Since you haven’t heard much from me in a bit and because I’ll be heading down to Portland for the Rose City Comic Con this weekend (come find me at D-05, I have candy and I’ll totally draw you a picture) I wanted to give you a little taste of what I’m working on so here ya go.  Thanks to all of you that have been supporting me, both with STA and while I vanish from posting for a bit while I finish this book.  It’s because of all of the kind words I’ve heard (and a good shove from my far better half) that I had the courage to go for it with this book.

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A Torchlight Lullaby by Ryan Fisher pg 1

A Torchlight Lullaby by Ryan Fisher Pg 1 pencils


Please Consider Helping Someone Amazing

So this is something I don’t do often… and by often I mean this is the first time, and that’s use the blog to promote something that isn’t comic related in someway. This time however I’m gonna make an exception. I want to introduce you to a GoFundMe project that I’m going to do everything in my power to try and help succeed (thus why you’re all reading this.)


Moe here, the smiling face you are looking at is someone I went to the Art Institute with. More than that however, she’s one of the kindest, hardest working, fiercely loyal and talented individuals I’ve ever met. And the universe has been kicking her in the backside quite a bit lately. I won’t go into specifics because it isn’t my story to tell, but I will give you the link below and as a personal favor to me I ask that you just click the link and read it yourself.

I get that you may not have the money to donate yourself but please, at least share the link.

I assure you Moe’s worth the extra couple of clicks.


Thanks folks,



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