An Early Look at Pg. 1 of “A Torchlight Lullaby”


Hey folks, guess who’s got two thumbs and totally isn’t dead! That would be me. As many of you know I’ve stepped away from STA for a bit while I pursue a dream graphic novel project. I have never done a traditional (not a comic strip) comic before and learning how to work this way


Please Consider Helping Someone Amazing


So this is something I don’t do often… and by often I mean this is the first time, and that’s use the blog to promote something that isn’t comic related in someway. This time however I’m gonna make an exception. I want to introduce you to a GoFundMe project that I’m going to do everything


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  • A Torchlight Lullaby: Nine year old Ella has a secret, and when her nightmares begin to take control, she must face her darkest fears or risk losing her entire world.
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