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Graduation, Emerald City and Becoming a Movie Star (sorta)

Sweet baby Jesus. How the heck am I ever gonna try and sum up the whirlwind that has been my last 4 days? I s’pose it would look something like this. First off, my graduation portfolio show seemed to be a pretty good success. The video players with my portfolio went over really well with employers and to my surprise, so did my poster series (the posters I sell at conventions and through the STA store.) I met some awesome folks, kissed a few babies and walked out with a pocket full of business cards of people who may want to pay me money to art (make sure you read that sentence carefully.) All of this is insanely awesome and it provides a sweet little cherry on top of a very… we’ll go with, oddly assembled, sundae that was my time at AIS. As some of you may know, my day wasn’t complete on Thursday with the portfolio show since the second I tore down I had to go home, unload the car, reload it with my con table set up and then go put up my booth for Emerald City. Let me just say this… I slept like a damn baby.

eccc STA artist alley table

That leads to ECCC. My only real summary there is this. My god I love you nerds. Seriously, the show was a total blast. It was a nice surprise to find out that my submission to Monsters & Dames was actually the 1st piece in the book (made it REAL easy to find my page when people wanted autographs.) On a side note, I’m totally already planning my piece for next year. As far as the actual con itself goes, I didn’t sell as many prints this year as I have in the past but I suspect that’s because my head was down drawing the ENTIRE time I was there. Seriously I have never sold more original comics or sketches/commissions in my life. Below are some of my favorites from the show if you want to check them out.


jango fett sketch

gyroduck sketch

Yes that is in fact Bill Clinton riding a dinosaur. Comic nerds collect the best things.
Yes that is in fact Bill Clinton riding a dinosaur. Comic nerds collect the best things.


deadpool boy sketch

lego sketch

strip purchase

Needless to say, I already bought my table for next years show and I am insanely stoked to be heading out to Washington DC in a few days for Awesome Con. Ben Penrod and crew have a lot to live up to if they hope to top ECCC. Although getting a chance to hang out with Dawn Griffin after years of snarky jabs and sports commiserating online is giving it a hell of a head start.

Needless to say, after the con I was dead. So much so that I couldn’t even be bothered to play Titanfall (the pipe dream I have been holding onto as that thing I’ll do once I get some free time.) I was just gonna head to bed and consider myself a lucky SOB after the show, but it just so happened that the comic documentary “STRIPPED” came in the mail and well, I’ve been waiting for damn ever to watch that thing. So I found the energy to pop it in the playstation and give it once over. First off let me say that Kellett and crew did a hell of a job on that thing. It was totally worth the wait and as a cartoonist if you can watch that thing and not come away jazzed over what you do it may be time to ask yourself some hard questions. That being said I have ANOTHER reason to LOVE the documentary… STA’s in it!!!!

SERIOUSLY, RUPERT, TWITCH AND COMPANY ARE IN STRIPPED!!!! Now it may be for about a second and you have to be paying attention to see it, but damn if it isn’t there. When David Malki is talking about building a webcomic audience and the camera shows the “Wondermark” website an STA ad banner is sitting front and center under the comic. Now I know that for most people this is kinda like a “so?” thing, and I totally get that. But here’s why I nearly wet myself last night during my happy dance/Kermit flail hybrid that ensued after I saw it.

my brief appearance in STRIPPED


“STRIPPED” is a beautifully done documentary and much like things like “Draw Comics the Marvel Way” are still referenced decades later, so will this documentary. Whenever anyone wants to learn about the transition of comics from newspaper to the web/whatever medium it evolves into in the future, this movie will be referenced. ¬†And in my own small, SMALL way, I am a part of that. I will be able to sit my kids down one day, freeze that frame and explain that this is what dad was up to in college. That is incredible for me to say. Again, I am hardly famous (although I hope to be an impossible trivia question for webcomic nerds one day now) but just…dang. I NEVER advertise on Wondermark. It’s not that cheap. In fact I believe I placed this ad right before ECCC 2013 to try and generate some traffic to let people know I’d be at THAT show. The odds of me getting into the documentary are astronomical… the fact that I’m staring at it makes me think I should buy a Lotto ticket.

Anyways that’s my last few days. Now all that’s left is for me to clean up after the bomb that went off in my apartment and starting working on some comics again. After everything that went down I can honestly say, it feels damn good when everything comes up Milhouse.


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